UnEarthing Elephant (2015 - 2017)

/ Work-in-progress /

Through a process of research, conversation and observation, the aim is to engage with residents, traders and visitors to:

  • Explore the everyday practices of the shopping centre, with a focus on informality and adaptation;
  • Ask how the shopping centre exists in people’s imaginations and memories;
  • Tell the building’s story over time and within the broader context of Elephant and Castle and London;
  • Make visible the shopping centre’s value and ask how its successes in nurturing a community-focused, open-access space might be understood and sustained in the new development of Elephant and Castle;
  • Discover what kinds of conversations and spaces artistic projects can create at a time and in a place of extreme change.

The work will culminate in a film, combining documentary footage with scripted elements and will be exhibited in conjunction with a model of the shopping centre, made in collaboration with the architect Hester Buck, the model will make, conversations featured in the film, available in a longer format and mapped onto the spaces in the shopping centre. 

A growing directory of art & cultural projects, taking and having taken place, in the area will be created and deposited with the Local History Studies and housed on the Cuming Museum website.

This is a collaboration between Eva Sajovic, Sarah Butler and Rebecca Davies, with the support of the Arts Council England. 


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