Taking the ceramic. A skill in stages, shared by Sue at Bootle Library #peoplesbureau #humanlibrary

Holding the ceramic. A skill in stages, shared by Sue at Bootle Library #peoplesbureau #humanlibrary

Bowls for At the Human Library Bootle, Liverpool

Produced in collaboration with the people from Bootle the two bowls are going into the kiln tomorrow.

Celebratory event: Tuesday 1 May, 1-3PM. Bootle Library, Liverpool.

All Welcome!

Our project at Bootle Library, Liverpool written up in the Big Issue

In the summer 2017 we have been commissioned by curator Maria Brewster to make work for The Human Library at Bootle library, Liverpool.

The participatory project work that started around skill exchange led into a more in depth engagement with clay and photography, looking to bring the two together and always with community, conversation and sharing at its core. 

Thank you The Big Issue for the write up.

Unearthing Elephant WINS the prestigious Research in Film Awards by AHRC.

Launched in 2015, the Research in Film Awards celebrate short films, up to 30 minutes long, that have been made about the arts and humanities and their influence on our lives. 
Judges for the 2017 Research in Film Awards include Richard Davidson-Houston of Channel 4 Television, Lindsay Mackie Co-founder of Film Club and Matthew Reisz from Times Higher Education.
A special awards ceremony was held at BAFTA, on Thursday 9 November, where the winner of each of the categories was announced. Writer and broadcaster, Danny Leigh was hosting the event. 

The winning films will be shared on the Arts and Humanities Research Council website and YouTube channel. 

To follow the fortunes of the shortlisted films on Twitter via the hashtag #RIFA2017.

WATCH THE FILM HERE: https://vimeo.com/222385394

Elephant's Trumpet ISSUE 1 out in print and online (soon). 

Pick up your copy whilst there are still a few left - fromt he Elephant&Castle shopping centre.

We have started working on ISSUE 2 - to come out mid December.

People's Bureau at Tate Late

taking part at Tate Late at Tate Modern, 29 September 2017, 6 - 10PM
Come along and join in sharing/exchange of skills and lots of fun:

People's Bureau commissioned by At The Library project in Bootle

starting on the 25th September. Please come along and share/exchange your skill and learn something new over a cup of tea and chat.

Screening the UnEarthing Elephant film @ Arts Admin, 27 September, 7.30PM

Unearthing ELEPHANT screened at: 

Mini -Festival Amsterdam, 17 June 2017 (organised by Failed Architecture);

Comment from the organisers:

We had a great night Saturday and the screening was well attended despite the hot weather. We watched the film with about 50 people and had a brief discussion afterwards, among others on the 'porosity' of such a space (in a positive sense), but also on the almost deliberate neglect of such spaces by authorities and real estate owners. FA team member Tim Verlaan made an interesting comparison with the Hoogh Caterijne in Utrecht, built in 1962, both a shopping mall and the city's main transport hub (https://vuartandculture.com/2017/01/11/making-the-invisible-visible/). 

Further screenings: 

Mini -Festival Amsterdam, 17 June 2017 (organised by Failed Architecture); Milton Keynes, 29 June 2017 (in collaboration with the Open University and MK gallery); Southwark Playhouse, July 2017; Liverpool, September 2017; Airspace gallery, Stoke on Trent, Autumn 2017.

4 March, 12-6 pm Tate Exchange, Tate Modern

As part of the Spatial Justice day at the Tate, we will be hosting Prof Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, whose work is the leading force behind the day’s activities. 

Prof Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos defines spatial justice as the conflict that emerges when one body wants to move into the space of another body. This opens up questions of symbiosis, creative confluence and regeneration, but also issues of power imbalances. The interview will elucidate some of these issues in his work, and the ensuing discussion will attempt at situating ourselves in the ongoing move of regeneration but also displacement of local communities. We hope to explore ideas about the role of developers, art institutions, and artists in dealing with issues of spatial justice and productive ways of reflecting them in their practices.

Saturday 4 March 2017

12 - 4 pm

CLAY WORKSHOP with Shane Waltener

Sally Child ( Director of bMoSo Academy of Song & Dance, Founder of The Society for Tea Trolley 


Helen Morse Palmer : Accredited Tea Trolley Dance Instructor.  

Tanztheater Adrian Look (Choreography: Adrian Look. Music composition: Stevon Russel. Dancers: Alessio Cappelli, Morena de Leonardis, Durassie Kiangangu, Songhay Toldon, Haeyeon Lim, Taylor Thompson, Maria Ines Sousa, Daniel Potter and Amy Chambers).

3.30 - 4 pm


4-6 pm

SPATIAL JUSTICE with Prof Andreas Philippopoulos-MihalopoulosInterview by Yoriko Otomo followed by a discussion with an invited panel.

The MODEL of the current shopping centre produced in collaboration with Hester Buck will be exhibited.


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